TravelEze 100ml

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  • Canine motion sickness can affect 1 in 4 pets
  • An optimal strength formulation to assist your pet whilst travelling
  • Gentle alcohol-free formulation that is palatable for pets yet gentle on the stomach



  • Travel Support
  • Optimal strength, natural formulation

With canine motion sickness affecting 1 in 4 pets, Natural Animal Solutions® TravelEze will allow more families to enjoy the company of their pet whilst they take day trips or longer vacations.
Natural Animal Solutions® TravelEze has been formulated to settle an ‘unezy’ stomach caused by travel motion sickness whilst settling the nerves of your stressed companion without causing drowsiness. In a base of the finest quality herbal tinctures, combining the power of Ginger, Withania and Chamomile. Natural Animal Solutions® TravelEze has been formulated for maximum concentration and effectiveness.


Ginger, withania, chamomile

Cats: Dilute recommended dosage in 3 – 5 ml of water if cat is sensitive to medications.
Dogs: Administer orally or add to feed.

Cats: 2 – 3 drops
10 kilo: 1 – 2ml
20 – 30 kilo: 2 – 3ml
30 – 40 kilo: 4 – 5ml
50 kilo: 5 – 6ml

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Weight .205 kg
Dimensions 4.8 × 4.8 × 11.5 cm


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