JointPro Advance 60caps

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JointPro Advance is the only product of its kind on the market. Unlike glucosamine and green lipped formulations that only regenerate cartilage and provide support for minor pain and inflammation, JointPro Advance is for more severe cases; it regenerates cartilage but also rebuilds bone




Powerful nutraceutical for all levels of joint, cartilage and bone support, which has been clinically tested to be safe and effecrive for use with dogs, cats and other small animals.

JointPro Advance’s unique formulation is suitable for all levels of Joint Care including post-operative, bone loss and promoting bone and cartilage formation.

  • Strong bone and cartilage support for superior mobility
  • Early process fracture support
  • Enhances x-ray radiography score



Epemedium (contains extract icarin), Icarin (Epemedium extract), Psoralea corylifolia (contains extract bakuchiol), Bakuchiol, Rehmania, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Anemarhena, HerbaPyrolae


Small cats and dogs: 1/4 capsule two times daily.
Medium dogs : 1 capsule two times daily.
Large dogs: 2 capsules two times daily.

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Weight .075 kg
Dimensions 6.1 × 6.1 × 10.4 cm


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