Joint & Ligament Support 120g

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  • A pharmaceutical grade complex formulation containing the finest quality forms of Glucosamine, OptiMSM & Chondroitin's available
  • A core clinical component of the NAS Joint Healthcare range
  • Due to the complexity of formulation, In Australia this product is only available via a naturopathic consultation



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  • For strong pain and inflammation
  • Prevention and maintenance
  • Mobility Support
  • Free from steroids and NSAID’s

Natural Animal Solutions® Joint & Ligament Support formulation has been carefully prepared using the finest ingredients available to provide a powerful combination of three fundamental joint nutrients – glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and OptiMSM. Together with vitamin C and trace minerals to support the maintenance of healthy joint structure, function and nutritional support for bones, joints, ligaments and cartilage throughout the body. The strong anti inflammatory properties provide quick and strong pain relief for dogs and cats.

Please contact our Animal Naturopath to identify suitability of this product for your pet’s joint condition. contact_us_button

See why our product is different below:

  • In Australia this product is human practitioner grade and cannot be bought over the counter. You can purchase this product via consultation with our Animal Natural Therapist
  • When looking for the best joint formula, quality over comes quantity. If your current formula requires large dosages, then the quality of ingredients and the formula are of low grade. High grade ingredients only require small doses.
  • In order for a joint formula to obtain the best and fastest results, it must contain glucosamine, OptiMSM and chondroitin. These ingredients work together in synergy, (better together than on their own). Many people look for the highest amount of glucosamine or the highest amount of chondroitin. This isn’t going to necessarily be the best formula. Correct formulation, high grade ingredients, added vitamins and minerals to increase absorption and assimilation of nutrients to the joint, are the most important points to consider.
  • Glucosamine requires a filler so that the body can absorb it. The minimum amount required is 25%. Many manufactures will add larger amounts and by law do not have to advise you how much of their product contains glucosamine and how much is filler. Natural Animal Solutions uses only 25%.
  • We use OptiMSM rather than the standard MSM. OptiMSM is the MSM quality leader, made by the MSM experts in the US and manufactured to more stringent product specifications than any other MSM.
  • Our formula is used in the human industry and again is not available for over the counter purchase. It must be obtained from a practitioner.


Glucosamine sulfate-potassium chloride complex equiv. glucosamine sulfate 750mg, Dimethyl sulfone (OptiMSM), Chondroiton sulfate  Vitamins: Calcium ascorbate (vitamin C)  Minerals: Magnesium (aspartate), Potassium (aspartate),
Zinc (amino acid chelate), Manganese (amino acid chelate), Copper (gluconate) Nutrients:  Hesperidin


Small cats and dogs: 1/4 level metric teaspoon one to two times daily.
Medium dogs : 1/2 level metric teaspoon one to two times daily.
Large dogs: 1 level metric teaspoon one to two times daily.

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