Dog Massage

Canine Myofunctional Therapy (dog massage) is a gentle yet powerful way of improving a dog’s health and general wellbeing. It is a massage therapy that has been developed for dogs and involves various techniques, using the therapist’s hands to work on the skin, muscles, and joints of the dog.

Why is massage good for your dog?

Massage has many physical and psychological benefits for your dog, some benefits may include:

o    Pain management and increased mobility for dogs suffering from arthritis, dysplasia

o    Assist in injury prevention, by providing musculoskeletal maintenance

o    Release the build up of toxic waste from inactive muscles

o    Improve muscle tone and flexibility

o    Increase elasticity of connective tissue

o    Assist in maintaining good posture and body balance

o    Improve the range of movement/motion

o    Reduce muscle tension and fatigue

o    Improve lymphatic flow & nutrient supply for healthy organs and joints

o    Reduce stress or anxiety.

o    Aid in rehabilitation after surgery or an accident

o    Build trust in human touch

Whether for rehabilitation or relaxation, we treat each dog as an individual and each treatment is tailored to the needs of your dog, therefore treatments can vary widely between dogs and even between sessions. Massage is never forced on a dog, it is offered at the level that the dog wants. After treatment, recommendations are made regarding the wellbeing of your dog.

Animal Natural Care can come to your home (if based in the Sydney metropolitan area).