Welcome to Animal Natural Care.

Would you like your dog or cat to be healthy, happy, and in optimal health?

Many of our companion animals are beginning to experience the chronic health conditions that humans do. Conventional medicines have their place, though they tend to focus on treating the symptoms only, and often lead to unwanted side effects. This can result in pretty unhappy dogs and cats, and a sense of frustration and powerlessness for you, as you seek to find answers to help your much loved animal overcome their underlying health issues.

Would you like to care for your animal’s health in a more natural way? A way which works holistically, and not only with specific symptoms, a way which treats your animal as the unique individual that he/she is?

Would you like to help…

  • Improve their coat?
  • Their temperament (anxiety)?
  • Their skin?
  • Their breath?
  • Their digestion?
  • Their movement?
  •  Their joints?
  • Their itchy ears/eyes?

Animal Natural Care is passionate about your animal’s health and happiness, and uses various animal natural therapies, that encourage your animal’s innate healing abilities to promote health, rather than suppressing symptoms with medications. These therapies are non-invasive and may include dietary changes, nutritional support, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, massage and other modalities.

This is a way for you to help your animals be the happiest and healthiest that they can.

We look forward to meeting you, and can come to you in your home in Sydney, or a phone consult anywhere on the globe.